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Make more fields editable on the "Link this Issue to Global Ticket" Submit page, such as Subject, Project, Asset, Subject, UDFs, etc

Users need to update information on a child issue, to report problems within other areas or with other assets. In some cases, the Global issue may not even have the same information related to the new issue if this is a link only option. My suggestion would be to only lock fields that are cascaded down from the Global Settings.

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  • Kory Chesher commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Agreed 100% with Paul. I need to be able to assign these tickets to more than a single person or single group queue, as well as editing my custom UDF fields with text specific to the caller or location that is included in the Global Issue.

    Just because it is a ticket of similar enough nature to warrant a Global Ticket and linked Child Ticket, doesn't mean it is identical in all ways and that we won't need to edit fields outside of Caller and Location.

  • Paul Harris commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I agree- the page that we are talking about is reach by navigating to MyIssues> Global> Submit.

    When you click "submit" to submit a new linked issue on the global, the system's settings are ignored and several fields are greyed out.
    The fields that are greyed out include:

    Submit Date
    Status/ Substatus
    Subtype/ Subtype2
    Assigned To

    To our customers, greying out some of those fields makes sense. For example, you may want the subject to be the same for all of the linked issues to make them easier to find n reporting. Greying out all of those fields, on the other hand, makes the feature less useful and less flexible.

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